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Monday 14 October – Monday 21 October 2019

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Festival news

Women of the World – readings

So many of you have asked for the set list performed at the Women of the World event at the Curtain Theatre, so here it is…


1. M       Natural Woman               Carol King                                         Song                      USA      

2. H M   Taste of Honey                 Shelagh Delaney                             Play                        Manchester      

3. K         Moonwise                        Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze                         Poem                     Caribbean          

4. H        At the Bay                         Katherine Mansfield                      Story                      New Zealand    

5. S         The invitation                  Oriah                                                 Poem                     USA                      

6. M       Woman Alone                  Franca Rame                                   Play                        Italy                      

7. H        The Two Apes                   Wislawa Szymborska                    Poem                     Poland                 

8. K         Munition Wages              Madeleine Ida Bedford                 Poem                    London                

9. S         Thingummy bob               Gracie Fields (ish)                          Song                      England                               

10. K      In My Country                   Jackie Kay                                        Poem                    Scotland              

11. M     Map of India                     Moniza Alvi                                     Poem                    Pakistan/England            

12. H      Out of Africa                     Isak Dinessen                                  Autobiog              Denmark/Kenya

13. K      I love myself…                   Zora Neale Hurston                       Autobiog              Alabama, USA  

14. H      Silence                               Sylva Fischerova                              Poem                    Czech Republic 

15. S       Not Waving                       Stevie Smith                                    Poem                   England               

16. S       Tortoise                             Judith Chernaik                               Poem                   England                               

17. K      A policeman’s Lot             Wendy Cope                                    poem/song        England                               

18. H      Symptom recital               Dorothy Parker                                Story                   New York           

19. M     Love in a Bathtub             Sujata Bhatt                                      Poem                  India                     

20. S       Wasp Population             Selima Hill                                          Poem                 England                               

21. K      Oroonoko                          Aphra Behn                                        play                    England/Africa 

22. M     Phenominal Woman       Maya Angelou                                   poem                 USA                      

23. H K Pride & Prejudice              Jane Austen                                       Novel                 England               

24. M     Let’s do it                          Victoria Wood                                   Song                   England