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Wednesday 19 October - Monday 24 October 2016

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Amy Ramsay – Introduction to Philosophy: Why doesn’t Batman kill the Joker?

Wednesday 19 October 2016

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Suitable for: Age 14+

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Join Philosophy lecturer, Amy Ramsay, to explore key questions in moral philosophy by asking ‘why doesn’t Batman kill the Joker?’

Arch enemies over time, Batman and the residents of Gotham have suffered tirelessly at the hands of the Joker. Yet despite being the Dark Knight, and a vigilante who isn’t afraid to break the law, Batman’s own internal moral compass won’t allow him to kill the Joker. But is he right? This session explains the theories of deontological ethics and utilitarianism and analyses the pros and cons of each, using the fraught relationship between this pair as a basis for discussion. Is murder ever moral? Should Batman kill the Joker to prevent further crimes and atrocities? You decide.

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