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Tuesday 17 October - Monday 23 October 2017

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Lesley-Ann Jones – Hero: David Bowie

Saturday 22 October 2016

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Suitable for: Age 14+

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Author and journalist Lesley-Ann Jones discusses her recently published tribute to, arguably, the greatest rock superstar in history. Lesley-Ann met David Jones (Bowie) when she was a schoolgirl in Bromley and was star-struck. She door-stepped him, followed him around and was invited in for tea. He was responsible for inspiring her to become a music writer.

While the world came to revere Bowie as an elusive genius, he was always David Jones to Lesley-Ann. This is a very personal portrait that explores the real man behind the spaceman, the countless facets of his self-reinvention, the golden years and the wilderness periods, his torments and triumphs, his music, artistry and personal life. It will be the most complete portrait of Bowie ever written.

Visit Lesley-Ann Jones’ website (external link)



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