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Monday 14 October – Monday 21 October 2019

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Joe Simms Story

A day in the life
6:30 am – I was Awoken by the booming voice of my father, and the blindingly bright, blue sunlit room. I groaned as I reached for my iPod to check the time. As I struggled to climb out of the embrace and comfort of my bed, Athos (the cat) entered my room, took one look at the unclean mess that was my face and scampered back out in a flash.

7:00 am – Clean, dressed and smartened up, my father and I left the house and dragged ourselves to the car. We set off for the bus stop wishing that it hadn’t already arrived.
7:30 am – I met Emily at the bus stop. We looked like a pair of drowned rats. The amount of rainfall that had fallen during the night was colossal. The bus was late. Again. After what seemed like days, the bus finally arrived and just as it did so a huge wave of ice cold water covered me from head to toe. The bus was loud and full of irritating year sevens. We sighed as the bus drove us from the comfort of our homes.
8:25 am – form was quiet; no one liked mornings. Zach was asleep and strewn across two tables. He was the only person in the clear separation of boy’s and girls. The boy’s were conversing about the new GTA 5 game and the girls about clothes and instagram. I was finishing off my French homework and Jody, my best friend, was providing a futile effort to aid me.

10:30 Am – Break and sausage butty. Time we walked to the year ten centre which once again was to loud for anyone’s liking. We almost fell into the queue for sausage butties. We waited for what seemed like hours and when we finally reached the booth they were sold out. Our grins turned to frowns and everyone behind us let out a deep depressed sigh. Then Clarence walked over to me asked me if I had completed my English homework. He could tell I had not as a look of terror spread across my face.

12:30 pm – So here I am, missing my dinner to finish my homework which may or may not be entered in a competition. However I hope to god my teacher doesn’t like this piece because then she may not enter it in the competition.

A day in the life of Joe Simms.