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Monday 14 October – Monday 21 October 2019

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2015 audience feedback

Thanks for all the lovely things you said about the festival. Here are some of your comments:

“Gives opportunity to meet authors and aspiring individuals in literature and arts.”

“Well organised. Good website. Good venues.”

“A really enjoyable talk by Frances Brody and my reader’s group will be thrilled that I had the opportunity to listen to her – they are great fans!”

“Such a great idea … long may festivals such as this continue!

“Excellent workshop, well explained, good pace. Creative and engaging. Thank you!”

“Ian Townsend was excellent. Well structured and motivational. Hope he is booked for next year.”

“Staff very friendly!”

“Events like this are things this town needs to build on as well as the other hidden gems it still has.”

“Please put me on your mailing list. I definitely want to come again. We live in Chorlton and the tram will have us here directly.”

“Amazing! Well done to all involved.”

This festival on top of Rochdale Feel Good Festival and Rochdale’s history of Co-Operation is bringing the town once more to be a place to be!”

“I also came to this event last year. I think it’s a great addition to the Rochdale calendar. It gives an opportunity to see speakers you would never normally see. For future speakers – anything related to classic reads would be of interest.”

“So important that this carries on. We need to cherish and share this side of our town – it’s precious.”

“Well done!”

“Buoyant. Varied. Well supported.”

“A wonderful institution – please keep it going!”

“Mrs. Maskew was my English teacher. She inspired me to appreciate the great poets and novelists.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the lecture – inspired me to re-read the Bronte books.”

“A real asset to the cultural scene in Rochdale.”

“A worthwhile, interesting and entertaining evening. Refreshing to have this type of festival locally.”

“Helen Lederer was good, Gervase Phinn was good, but David Starkey was outstanding. What an exciting speaker he was – the atmosphere was electrifying. An inspired choice for Rochdale.”

“Keep up the good work.”

“Very impressed with the organisation of this event. Good choice of speakers.”

“Great to have this in Rochdale.”

“Please do your best to bring the festival back next year. Many thanks to all the team who must have worked so hard to bring about such a shining event. The speaker selection is amazing and staff very professional.”

“I hope that this becomes a regular feature and will be extended, perhaps to a different time of year. Would like it to beome widely known both regionally and nationally to show a different aspect to Rochdale.”

“Helen Lederer was fantastic, but so was Norman Warwick – an excellent compere.”

“What an excellent evening!”

“More please.”

“Events like this start as acorns, grown into oaks and bring the community together!”

“World class in Rochdale.”

“The festival has been amazing.”

“Thank you so much to all the organisers – this was a brilliant event! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.”

“The volunteers put such effort into organising the events. Better every year.”

“Really enjoyable.”

“Please keep it going. We need festivals like this in the North.”

“Excellent and high quality.”

“Really enjoyed the show and wish to come again next year!”

“Very well organised. Loved the Riverside venue. Particular accolade for Joanne who introduced some of the sessions very professionally and naturally.”

“More of the same please.”

“The early bird ticket price was awesome!”

“Excellent presentation by the wonderfully poetic Bonnie Greer. I shed a tear hearing her talk. Thank you!”

“Really inspired by the library and the festival – keep on doing it!”

“A first class event!”

“Well done to all concerned with putting on the festival – you make us feel proud.”

“Artistic photography from Bill Ward. An interesting and thought-provoking talk.”

“Looking forward to next year.”

“Wasn’t sure what to expect, but glad I came.”

“Great for the reputation of Rochdale.”

“I see the Festival as a valuable showcase for many of the positive aspects of Rochdale, a much-needed counterbalance to the traditional negative portrayal it so often receives in the media.”