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Monday 14 October – Monday 21 October 2019

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Clarence Dumanjug Story

I was in the heat of the battle, on the battlefield, my hands griped tightly to my fire arm; steady but accurate, i was prepared for anything. Bullets blast above my head, shrapnel all over the floor,injured men gripping on to dear life; their rested on me, the medic. the war grounds stench of blood […]

Emily Carter Story

Really? Being up this early really does take the mick. My dad and I arrived at the boathouse for 6:45am. I boarded my boat, onto the trailer. Everybody helped. I went straight back to bed because I was competing at 2:30pm. So I had time, plus I was tired. Later, I woke up feeling very […]

Jakob Bauer Story

When I’d got up and got dressed etc, I emptied the dishwasher, and then did my guitar practice. I also did piano practice, which I’d usually do later on, but I did it early because we wanted to go to our allotment later. After breakfast (porridge with syrup) and a Bible reading, I did some […]

Joe Simms Story

A day in the life 6:30 am – I was Awoken by the booming voice of my father, and the blindingly bright, blue sunlit room. I groaned as I reached for my iPod to check the time. As I struggled to climb out of the embrace and comfort of my bed, Athos (the cat) entered […]

Kacper Amanowski Story

7AM. None of the people in this house seem to want to get up and take my baby brother to school. Which usually, I have to do. Him moaning that he wants to go with me doesn’t help either. This is my fate. So with heavy eyelids, I barely crawl over to the bathroom and […]

Yo ho, Yo ho! A pirate’s life for me

`Ahoy! All hands on deck! Hoist the colours!` …or that is how I felt like when I boarded the plane, left Malta for good and relocated to Rochdale. A typical day since then? `Arrrrr. Kill th’ Kraken! Sail into the wind!` …or that is how I thought it would feel like as I sail through […]

The day of a dancer

5:30am and I was up and ready to start my preperation for the long day ahead. Everything had to be perfect from head to toe, perfection. Big hair, massive eyelashes and a mind set on winning thats all a dancer needs, competition! reherse reherse reherse thats all I heard for the last few weeks, nothing […]

representing England

It was one sunny day. I woke up up witha big smile.Today was the day that i was going to do a guard of honour for the ashes.I was delighted to hear this fantastic information from school.Only 13 children were picked to go and i was one of them lucky children.My parents were proud of […]


My heart-beat races rapidly, pulsing like a caged dog; my eyes swiftly glance from shop to shop, the tedious shutters stare back. The silent town looks almost like death itself. Good Ol’ Rochdale. 6:32am, states my watch, as I make my way back. Wynsors, Pound Plus, Shoezone, familiar titles fly by me. Reaching Drake Street, […]

Casually careless

It’s a windy, dull, dark morning… I need to catch my early bus; because when I catch my usual bus the high school traffic delays me a lot. I wake up, throw on my clothes, throw my makeup in my bag; as I’m aware that I’m going to be 50 minutes early…therefore I should just […]