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Monday 14 October – Monday 21 October 2019

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Sunset Over Milnrow, February 2013 By Alison Beard – Gillian Ruane Poem

The Sun is setting in the sky, Summer’s time is almost through. Saying Autumn’s on its way, It’s coming with the morning dew. The leaves are turning brown, Slowly they fall with grace, getting trampled underfoot by all the human race. The nights are getting longer And the fire’s glow is warm snow starts to […]

Queen’s Park Treasures – Robin Parker Poem

Queen’s Park sonnet This drab grey icon points towards the sky, Around lie fruits of autumnal decay; Dark picture hints at silence, none pass by, But photo’s image does real truth betray. For when warm spring and summer sunshine gown, This park with children’s play will come alive; Victorian fountain’s streams will cascade down, Where […]

Peaceful Evening – Adam Souter Poem

There you are, below me a twin of me clear for the eye to see but that surely cannot be me i see because i’m sitting right here, next to this tree I see many mysteries mirrored in you everything that i am, everything that i do a myriad masquerade of colors, way beyond two […]

An Expressionists View of Yorkshire St By John Cooke – Dale Roche Poem

Colour me Rochdale, historys lawn, pallets of wonder, pennines at dawn impressionist, expressionist exhibitionist, jibberish, jazzifield, unclassified jungle down town, paint me green, paint me blue, paint me rainbows in the the snow, summer heat summer street give me something good to eat, draw me now. draw me town, you can draw me upside down […]

Sunset Over Blackstone Edge By Zbysiu Rodak – lynn myint-maung Poem

It’s a fence to nothing, Hopeful as it is useless, Graceful curve, missing bars Testament to the power of suggestion. Perhaps the grass feels safer Embraced by faithful partiality, Vulnerable as us all Who face approaching night Still able to wonder at the sky.

Peaceful Evening, Littleborough By John E. Cannell – Patricia Grycuk Poem

Shimmering reflections of tranquility As the sun’s rays diminish in the dusky sky. An arc of stone shrouded in golden-tipped leaves Mirrored in a stagnant pool of light. A pathway leading to a spiritual retreat Where thoughts are harboured in restful solitude. A final glimpse of beauty bathed in stillness Before it disappears in descending […]

hollingworth lake – sue roughan Poem

i like to stroll around hollingworth lake and maybe stop at the cafe for a piece of cake its so beautiful here with towns quite near gazing up at the clouds on high as flock of birds fly by then looking at reflections in the water as i sit with my friends daughter occasionally i […]

Feeling Good in Rochdale By Ken Rowlatt – Christian James Poem

Open Your arms to me, lend me your ears, these are the times to be, charging your beer, smoke in the sky, and the rumble of bass, with that expecting to fly again, look on your face, music! our friends are here, love is the brave, shining in sound so clear, colour filled days, dancing […]

King Cotton…A Reflection of the Past By David England – Jacqueline Phillips Poem

Built as home to sweat & labor, Built to proclaim human guile, Built to testify man’s brilliance, Home of cotton, King textile. Former glories now departed, Cotton’s muscles now grown weak, From history’s majestic structure, The mills of yesteryear still speak. Broken windows weep with shadows, Empty spaces held within, Thunderous clamour of industry muted, […]

Dancing on water – Malcolm Journeaux Poem

My sub-conscious playing a game Paradise girl, with a special name Souls entwined, sweet rapture, bliss I long for your passionate kiss Running, flowing, the mountain stream Dancing barefoot, my paradise dream Saffron, cinnamon, aromatic delight You’re in my dreams, night after night Ravished heart, radiant smiles Enticed by beauty that so beguiles I’d conqueror […]