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Monday 14 October – Monday 21 October 2019

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The day of a dancer

5:30am and I was up and ready to start my preperation for the long day ahead. Everything had to be perfect from head to toe, perfection. Big hair, massive eyelashes and a mind set on winning thats all a dancer needs, competition! reherse reherse reherse thats all I heard for the last few weeks, nothing […]

representing England

It was one sunny day. I woke up up witha big smile.Today was the day that i was going to do a guard of honour for the ashes.I was delighted to hear this fantastic information from school.Only 13 children were picked to go and i was one of them lucky children.My parents were proud of […]


My heart-beat races rapidly, pulsing like a caged dog; my eyes swiftly glance from shop to shop, the tedious shutters stare back. The silent town looks almost like death itself. Good Ol’ Rochdale. 6:32am, states my watch, as I make my way back. Wynsors, Pound Plus, Shoezone, familiar titles fly by me. Reaching Drake Street, […]

Casually careless

It’s a windy, dull, dark morning… I need to catch my early bus; because when I catch my usual bus the high school traffic delays me a lot. I wake up, throw on my clothes, throw my makeup in my bag; as I’m aware that I’m going to be 50 minutes early…therefore I should just […]

Festival programme unveiled

With less than two months to go, the 12 page programme for Rochdale Literature & Ideas Festival has been released. Held for the first time, the festival of literature, drama, dance, music, theatre, film and visual arts runs from 25 to 27 October and aims to excite and engage audiences with over 40 events. To […]